Monday, August 17, 2009

Putting In the Electrical Box and pulling wires!

Isn't she a beaut?


He's a keeper

Unwinding the wire.


Playing with his copper!


"On A Mission"

Pushing the wire through pipes that go through the whole house to the other side!
Long sentence huh?

On the other side we had a pulley that pulled the wire when it came out!

Art #2




Art #4

Putting up the sofiting

Frankie was absolutely Intrigued with the copper wiring!
He would pick up all the scrap pieces, and was excited to find more.
he would warn everyone that the copper was quit sharp and you could cut your self bad, For he
was told this himself.
hes our little electrician :)
Love Ya frank!

talking through the pipes,
As dad pushed the wire through, Nicholas and Mr. Willer were on the other end of the
Pipe, pulling the wire through, dad could communicate with them by talking through the pipe.
as you can Imagine all us kids thought this was quite cool.
Thanks Willer family for coming out.

~Alyssa And Mariah~


Heatheroren said...

Very cool, looks like the house is coming along nicely!
O. fam

The Real Me! said...

Um, I was just wondering if sofiting was a word? LOL
Great pictures and I wish we could come out there more.


Cool!!! That is so exciting! The house is really coming along! I can't wait to see it in person...Frankie made us laugh.

We miss y'all tons, and hope to see you real soon!! It was fun talking to y'all last night.

I love y'all!!

Addie M.

The Campana Family said...

Hey Mrs.Wilson,
I don't know! :)
It didn't say it was misspelled on the spell check,And I even went to another website to find out and they didn't even give me the correct spelling! L.O.l.
Oh well!

The Pendletons said...

Wow! Your home is looking beautiful! Miss y'all! Hope to see you soon!

Carol-Anne and Hannah Isray said...

Hi it's Hannah and Carol-Anne we thought that video of Frankie was so cuuute!Update us on more of the house and Hannah said that she cound'nt make it last week,

Love ya Carol-Anne and Hannah Isray.l.o.l.

The Campana Family said...

Hello all
Thank you...Miss you too!

Carol-Anne and Hannah,
You girls are to funny...
And Cute.. L.O.L...
(Am I Grownup now?)

I can't wait until you see it in person either!
Miss Ya!