Monday, May 03, 2010

More Pictures off the metal roofing process...And Orange Blossoms.

We're almost finished with the back!!!

Here is the Octagon part of the roof...this part takes a while.

Taking a rest...

Metal roof "art".

Can you see the  bird...I almost didn't until I zoomed in :)

Daddy and Mr. Jesse

My Brother...Daddys right hand man!

Here are a few pictures of the orange blossoms....
Unfortunatly they are all gone, but we have baby oranges in replace.:)

All those little white specks are orange blossoms!
It smelled soooo good.

I shall leave you with a cute picture of Little Piccolina...

Have a blessed day,
The Campana Family


The Real Me! said...

Loved the pictures and loved seeing you all yesterday, (Mariah) LOL! Just kidding. I love you all and it was nice to see your smiling faces. Brad loved getting to talk to Nick. And I loved getting to give you a hair tutorial on how to put it in a bun. LOL! Oh me! Ya miss me right?
Someone smack Gabby for me okay? LOL! Lightly!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Piccolina! - thats what grandma says. did she ever sing you the song to is lol i wonder if she made it up herself. - Love