Thursday, June 10, 2010

Updated picture of the house!!!

Hello all blog readers,
I hope you are all well!
Here are some pictures of the house...( most recent) 

God bless,

The Campana Family

Here is a lovely TOAD! 

A very "Gracia Smile" :)

Hmm... trying to decide whether shes whistling or something else l.o.l.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE....look at their candid!

Here is a taste of some FL weather...Blue and sunny on one side...

...And dark and rainy on the other!
We had fun witnessing the clouds move in.
" Today's forecast: Sunny on one side and stormy on the other" L.O.L.

After rain shot. 
In a few months we shall be eating this!


The Real Me! said...

Beautiful pictures but I had to laugh because usually when I post pictures I put the caption on top of the picture I want to talk about and so I had to laugh when I read "Here is a lovely TOAD!" and then saw Gracia's picture. Oh me!


The Campana Family said...

Oh Mrs,Kim,
That is sooo funny!
The Campana Girlies

Shannon said...

The house is very lovely, coming along to be a beautiful home. The weather in Florida is very enjoyable to watch, and the greatness of our Lord is truly displayed in it.....


Anna P. said...

Ah! The house is looking LOVELY! The weather is so cool! Okay...I guess cool is not the word for it. I think it reached over 106 degrees here today. :)
The last picture it beautiful. Everything smells so good after a rain!
Love y'all!
Hope to see you soon!
God bless,

WesLea And Company said...

Wow the house looks great y'all! Can't wait to see you at the shower!
Rachel & William

Mortonclan said...

Beautiful pictures, darling!! That last one is stunning!

Love you all, and miss you already. We enjoyed y'all visit this weekend so, so much.

God bless you all!


OurLilFullFam said...

Your house is beautiful!!

I really enjoy watching the summer weather like that here too.


The Real Me! said...

Um, I'm kind of waiting for some pictures of your Birthday party! Like, what's up chickie?! LOL!