Saturday, October 01, 2011

 That days  he's been waiting for!

Thursday night Daddy, Nicholas, and Jeremiah went with our neighbor on his Air boat and went Gator Hunting! after what seemed like hours of ridding through swamp land, Nick spotted his Gator hanging out in the water and threw his Harpoon, it  caught the Gators foot. and catching nick off guard it quickly jerked him to the lower deck of the boat.
 they eventually got it it out of the water and pulled it in where they proceeded with taping the mouth e.c.t
 yesterday we skinned the 6 1/2 foot Gator and as I write the meat sits in our Refrigerator...
Care to come over for Supper? :)
Here are some pictures!...Enjoy 

 Here she comes!

 Frank checking out the Gator!

Proud little brothers! :)

 They did an Amazing job skinning!



Cutting and bagging the meat!

Come again soon!
~Mariah and Alyssa


The Real Me! said...

We had gator meat at our last bbq. Brad grilled it in some seasoning and it was good!
Way to go Nick!!

Gracia said...

Nice Gator Nick!!

Mortonclan said...

hey Nick!
Cleveo here, great gator, very nicely done