Wednesday, September 18, 2013

July Part 1

Early July, Nick Alyssa and I drove up to the Roberts house to bring Willie his Engine, and spend the 4th with them.
 We had such a great time with Ya'll! thank you so much for your hospitality. :)

The Engine!


The "Rusty creek" chef arrived to prepare our meal. 

McCormick vs. Roberts in Ultimate 

McCormick's huddle. 

I wish I knew what story he was telling, It looks so entertaining. :) 

A match of ninja! 

Guess the sketch....(official Name :)

Later that evening we went downtown to watch the fireworks show.

As we all sit and watch,  Joseph reminds of times gone in his solo of "The Star spangled banner"

Daisy and Alyssa solemnly watch the grand finale as Norma finishes where Joseph left off.: "and the rockets red glaaaaarrrree!!!" Willie throws in the base.

They Actually thought that they were making the lights appear in the sky.

Sonic loves us!

Ping pong tournament (it was late if you can't tell)

we lost.

Saturday afternoon was spent shopping, bowling and a trip to chipotle !

don't ask.

" I'm going to go pro"

Oh...and a trip to yogurt mountain. :)

Sunday Afternoon with the Mortons.

"Pizza anyone?"

Love and miss ya'll!

Wesley and Andrew pose with Nick and his truck, after a display of Fords wonderful capabilities. :)

July Part 2 Coming soon.


1 comment:

pasco community said...

Oh What great memories you brought back to me Mariah!
Thanks for posting!!!
We had one of the best 4ths spent with yall!
Soo much fun!!!
Haha! This Post made me laugh and smile a lot! And made me realize how much I miss you all!
Thanks SO much for coming and making the trip up, and sacrificing so much- Esp. sleeping in our vehicles for a night :/ eeh That wasn't the best memory made...
Well, Love and Miss!
God Bless!
~Ducky~ (Daisy)