Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Beach/Sunday Evening


After we got home from the beach, we had a snack and daddy and uncle Alex and the little kids hit the sack. The older kids Including : Nick, Alyssa, Mariah, JJ, Gabby, Evelyn And Alexandra,

stayed up, doing what?...........Telling jokes! What kind of jokes though?....... Blond Jokes! Yes that's right, A bunch of dark haired kids telling blond jokes! L.O.L.

Yep, stayed up till 12:00 A.M. telling jokes :)


Amy B. said...

I LOVE the beach pix!!!

Campana Family said...

I know I do too!

The Stone Family said...

Nice pics, y'all! Not so nice comment about the blonde jokes ;) jk... it was a nice post *bravo!*
Miss y'all and Lord willing we'll see you soon!

Campana Family said...

I Know,:(
Shame on us!
I'll tell you what to do....take all the blond jokes you know andturn them into brown jokes!(Brilliant Right?)
Just Kidding!