Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay!!!!!!!


See how Deep the water Is!!!!

( Don't worry we weren't swimming in it, Just walking.) L.O.L

Ever faithful mail-man!

See the fire hydrant!

( Ignore the arrow) :)

Notice the car in back!


Our Canal!

(Over flowed to the road!!!!!!) :)

Our street!

The Water was up to the step on daddy's Truck!


Amy B. said...

Why do you guys get all the excitement?!?!?

Our pool didn't even overflow!!!!

Campana Family said...

I Know, I know.
(of course we posted this for want of pity,sitting in our house about 5 days not seeing blue sky for days!) L.O.L.
No actually we enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

This is crazy!! Any fish swimming down the street? We actually had minnows in the back yard!

Campana Family said...

That's Florida for Ya! l.o.l.
I think they saw a cat fish!!!!!!