Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog Post's!!!!

Hello All you readers of this blog ( If there is any left!)

Sorry we haven't been posting.
We's been out of town,
in the Northern states of America....... New Jersey!

( Can't ya tell we's picked up the accent?)

Also... we are unable to post pic's due to some "Technical Difficulties"!
Soooooooo.......our posting may be delayed, But we shall post a couple of things in writing!

Alyssa And Mariah

Please Leave A Comment to show your sympathy!!!
:) :) :) L.O.L.


Christy said...

YAY!!! You're home!!! Happy Belated Bday's to Frankie and Mrs. Campana!!!!

Andy said...

That's too bad. What are the technical difficulties?

Campana Family said...

Yes We Are back!!!! :)

Ummm... Technical Difficulties?
well It's Kinda A-lot to explain. :)


Amy B. said...

Here's my comment...hope it shows my sympathy:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Alyssa!
I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that we recentley found your blog. Don't quit! :) You're doing a great job!
Lookin' forward to the pictures from your trip. :-)

Mallory for the Whiddon's

Campana Family said...

Thank you Amy For your sympathy...
It was much needed! :) L.O.L.

I Am so glad you found our blog! Yay!
Miss Ya!