Monday, January 25, 2010

Casa della Luce!!

Hello All,
Here are some Pics Of the Casa Della Luce...Which is Italian for "House Of Light"
The Campana Family

Jay standing over the back porch!

Pure White reflection...


SmithFamily said...

Hey C's! I was talking to Kress today about y'all and it made me miss y'all so much! Your house looks so good! Kress says its absolutly amazing! I hope we can see y'all soon,

HicksHappnins said...

Your house is beautiful! Hope all is well with you guys.
Much love,
for the family

The Hagen Family said...

Oh ya'll! It's GORGEOUS!! Hope ya'll are all doing well. I miss you all so much.

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a beautiful home!

I came over from the Smith's blog - our family hosted Alan and Katie and boys a few summers ago, and try to keep up with the families.

My husbands family is in Florida. We are buried under snow here today in Pennsylvania and looking at your beautiful home is so fun. I love the name of your home as well!