Saturday, June 25, 2011

Someones birthday is today!...

...It's Mariahs!! :)

Awwe...Seems just like yesterday!


Here she is now,She is such a blessing to our family!
And we thank the Lord for her!
Happy 15th Birthday Mimi!
WE LUV'S YOU!!!!! ;)


The Real Me! said...

Oh it's my Riah!! Happy Birthday girlie girl!!
You are an amazing young lady!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Mariah! May the Lord fill your day with joy!

In Christ,

Kels said...

Happy Birthday darlin'! wow. 15! It seems so hard to believe. You are a beautiful young lady inside and out. Love you! :)


Knudson said...

Happy Birthday Mariah!! May the Lord Bless you on your Birthday!!

Sarah for the k's

The Kendalls said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Friend.You are such a blessing!

SmithFamily said...

Happy birthday Mariah!!! You are such a sweetie ;)Love you!
Beth and Maud

Rora Valley said...

Happy happy birthday Mariah!!! We are the same age now! :) I am so blessed with a dear friend like you. Hope I can see you soon! Lots of love, Grace :)