Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Style Show 2011

Hello once again blog world!
We had the great pleasure of attending a Style Show at Calathora Farms a week ago.
It was so pleasant, and encouraging!
And we learned so much.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

A very lovely picture of Sitara S.

Campbella R.

Little girls and dirt...Huh?

Cute n' Pregnant! wait...What are you doing Sweeping?

There's nothing more encouraging then Lady Jacqueline's laugh! :)

Gab's Helping with a snack...Looks like she needs help.

The Sweet K. Ladies blessing us with a song!

We had tight Sleeping quarters,

They lost their balance, and they are falling!
Adorable...their, adorable!

Well! ...That's pleasant!

What's this?.

I think momma swallowed her toothbrush again! 
Good times.

 Three Amiga's.

Kress did the games...they where so much fun to watch!

Aunt Jenine, We Enoyed all your Talks!!!
Color, Color, Color,
And more Color!

More, more, Color ,Color,
Late night Mango Munchers.

Cute...Real Cute.

I love this one... :)
How many people does it take to put a hat on?

Little girls at the accessorie table.





Very Cool!


Thanks for Stoppin' In!
Hope you've enjoyed this post.
~The Campana Ladies


Mortonclan said...

we enjoyed the pizza, as MUCH as yall enjoyed the A,C. SAM and JOHN

The Campana Family said...

Lol, Thanks ya'll for the comment!
The Campanas

The Real Me! said...

Looks like loads of fun! Love the sleeping bag picture. Too cute!

The Hagen Family said...

Y'all are so much fun!
Hope to see y'all again soon.

Rora Valley said...

That was so much fun! I really enjoyed seeing y'all. Hope we can see y'all soon!! Come see us! Lots of Love, Grace :)

The Kendalls said...

It was great to see ya'll again and actually get a chance to really "visit"!
~The Kendall Ladies