Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A recap of various household happenings...

For starters, Jeremiah turned 14 on April 15th!

To celebrate we brought cake to Church! :)

Nick having a little chit-chat with Prov.

Church sport of Bee whacking....
Frankie gets ready to defeat the massive Carpenter bee, Boaz cheers him on!

The fearless whackers ( I love these boys!)

Praying a blessing over Jeremiah...

We love you Jay!

Working on the Grove:

Orange Blossoms! Oh, they smell soo good!

One of the few that were left.
We miss you Oranges!


Honey harvesting!

Our adorable pooch.

Happy dance...


They got...

A Mouse!

Repicheep the II .
 (Predecessor Repicheep the I, RIP )

 A boy and his Dog.

That's All for now!

Until next time,

The Campana Family


Whiddon Family said...

Great post, y'all! Thanks for keeping us all updated by your blog. Happy birthday to Jerimiah! Oooh! I LOVE that cake~ WAY TO GO!!! "Our" flag SO beautiful isn't it? That's awesome y'all :-D
Y'all's farm is looking great. Looks like y'all've been doing allot of work. Those are always some of the best memories working hard together in God's glorious creation. I didn't know y'all had all that going at your place, it looks great.

Hope to see y'all sometime!
God bless,

The Kendalls said...

Well Laney just took the words I was going to use!!

Great cake idea, I'm sure it tasted just as good if not better than it looks! Did y'all learn how to do that in your class? It must have been a successful class then!!

These pictures make me want to come visit your place so badly!!


The Kendalls said...

I forgot....Happy Birthday JEREMIAH!!


OurLilFullFam said...

Neat pics! I really like the pics of yur daddy praying over your brother! Very sweet to have that pic to look back on one day!