Monday, May 14, 2012

A tribute to a dear friend

When I think of Nick I think of a faithful son and brother. A good teacher, a hard worker and faithful friend.
Nick has helped me with so many things. He would tell me the truth whether I liked it or not.
 Just  a awesome pic of Nick
3 brothers
 I love the way he is so honoring to his Mom
Father and son
Old Friends than...
... and now.
The magnificent 7
 If  you mess with the bull you'll get the horns.               
Big brother.
Two amigos.
"Is there cheese cake?" (inside joke)
Now for a few random thing about  Nick. He is very just. He is a morning person. He is a good cook. He is frugal. He is very good at baseball. He is a good hunter.

Happy birthday Nick!! May God bless you and keep you.

In Christ,
Andrew T. Morton      #3 4"

    P.S. I put this post in to draft 3 weeks ago but before I could post it the Internet crashed so please forgive the belated post :)


The Campana Family said...

Nick is so blessed to have a friend like you Tom!
This post was great :)

The C's

The Campana Family said...

...yeah Its great to have Such Close friends, who Hack into your blogging account and post for you! ;) Jk

True friendship!...Lol
Love You All!

The Campana Family said...


The Kendalls said...

Aw what a thoughtful post! Happy Late Birthday Nick!!