Monday, August 20, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend! (a special visit! )

Hi everyone,
We apologize for the long delay of this post...

For Memorial Day weekend, we had the greatest pleasure of a visit from the Morton's!!

They arrived Saturday Evening, and we spent the first few hours catching up and eating supper.

 For starters, The Two M's!

This picture is one of our favorites! 

Oh, wow. Um. There are no words. OK. Hum. Lets go to the next picture.

The two A's... :)

It appears there has been a heavy sugar intake.

The kitchen is our typical gathering place ( for some odd reason) :-)

This picture really captures the moment.

Cleve and Lise ( and baby :) !!!! We were so glad they came.


MONOPOLY! We have so many good times...



On Sunday night, the parents went out to supper and us kids had an ice cream "social" ;)

Edwin and Pauly, Dear little brothers!

"Ah ha! ha! Caught in the act young sir!..

Group shot.

Later on we followed our new tradition and made a movie
We came to a conclusion that we would make a Guys workout video!
When the boy's came out in there costumes we Laughed so hard we almost cried!

Note to reader: The following pictures may come to you as a surprise. and perhaps a slight disturbance.

A typical Campana laughing fit...:)

: D Seriously...

We Laughed so hard that night!

The next day we headed to the beach and later went to the grove for lunch.

Love this Picture!

Feeling the Baby...

We had such a wonderful time with Ya'll!

Miss and Love you <3 p="p">

The Campana's


S. Knudson said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!
Miss y'all

Mortonclan said...

Aww!! So many wonderful memories, dear family. We had such a wonderful time!! Thank you, over and over!!

Love and miss you all, oodles!