Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Trip Part #1

Hello Everyone,
Once again we where blessed to bring the gospel to the streets of America. 
This year, in the city of Charlotte NC.  

If you came by the grove in late June/early July, you would most likely find us gathering soda cans and stripping wires. Why? Scrap-metal of course! The Lord blessed us with many sources to fund our trip!
Including, dear friends who blessed us greatly.

We arrived late Saturday night, tired and hot. But oh so glad to finally reach our destination!
It was so much fun to see all our friends who we hadn't seen in a year!

Our first day...
Gathering together Sunday morning to preach the truth!

Dear old friends...they go WAY back to about...lets see, 6 years old!

Frankie and Gracia
Awesome job guys!

Later, a time of fellowship and food :)
After much consideration, We finally made our way to a Chinese buffet...

I hate to do this to you guys.
But this picture makes me laugh SO hard every time I see it!! 

The Sweet Johnston girls...Love and miss Ya'll!

Josiah: usually, if I just get water, I squeeze the lemon...and add sugar and make like lemonade..
Jay: "Smile and wave boys"...

Such amusement... 

After lunch we went to an abortionist's neighborhood to hand out flyers...

...Asking them to pray for him ect.

Standing in front of the clinic...

Shedding the light of the truth ...

"We love them enough to tell them the truth"

Please keep these lost men and woman in your prayers!

Praise the Lord for the next generation standing for the truth and  Gods word!

Charity! :)

We were SO happy to witness a mother choose life! God is so Good!!!

"Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. " Luke 15:10

It'so  amazing to watch  the hand of God  at work.

Here, daddy preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a Man while he records every word!

How could anyone resist taking literature from THAT ham!

and THAT Cuteness...

Praise the Lord, I love seeing these signs of those rescued from the slaughter.

Mims (Me... :D )

Fellow Floridian, So good to see you Ms.Deanna!

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth;  Romans 1:16

New friends!

Off to stericycle...

Jeremiah Thomas. aka "Hawk-eye" :D

Group Picture ( how we love these people!)

After we went to stericycle we headed to the nearby town to inform them that the smog in their city, Is  the ashes of the Unborn children.

Handing out tracts.

We where able to hand a lot out at the intersection!

Momma and I.


After lunch our family went and had ice-cream floats at this soda-shop!

Praising the Lord. at one of the evening rallies.

The Birthday girl :)
(imagine having about 100 people singing to you! ...pretty epic :)

Praising him at the gates.

I love this picture :)

We got to spend a lot of time with this guy! ;)

Lovely ladies.

The Memorial service for a baby in downtown Charlotte.

This young man Surrendered his Life to the Lord after seeing the signs,
 and hearing the Gospel preached!



Oh Lord forgive us!

A splendid game of soccer!

Milkshakes with the Yoders.

 Such a blast...

Spending time with these cuties...


Having a blast with the Thomases!


That's all for now!

Hopefully, we'll have part 2 up sooner then later :)

Mariah ( and some Alyssa) :)


AmyB said...

WOW!!! That was part ONE?!?!? That was a lot of photos :-) Looks like it was an awesome trip... praise the Lord- you guys are awesome!

Mortonclan said...

Man! you guys are amazing!

Mortonclan said...

I've been so affected by this post. Sorrow, conviction, joy, excitement, thankfulness.
Help us, Lord, forgive us, have mercy on us.

Love y'all.


The Kendalls said...

Praise the LORD for your Family!! God is so good. What a precious post.

The 12th pic with Jay at the restaurant, the guy sitting next to him looks so much like Hunter used too not so many years ago. Ah makes me miss my 'little' buddie!!


pasco community said...

Glory Glory Glory!!!!!

This has blessed me much!!!

God has and is doing so much with y'all! What a blessing!

I would have loved to have seen and been there in person!

God bless you guys!

Love and miss~Daisy