Saturday, November 01, 2008

Frankies B-day Quiz

For all those who think they know Frankie,
( And most of you have know him his whole life ,so you had better not fail!!!!)
Here is a Quiz

If You Know me ( Alyssa) Then you probably already know this first answer,
for I like to tell every-one!!!!

What (As I say) Was Frankies 2 Born Know-how's....

1.To shoot a toy gun :)
2.To Tie Knot's
3.To Hammer a nail
4.To Love Army stuff
5.To Be Sargent when playing solders With J.J. ( Jay's Always Solder)

And Here is #2

What is his favorite Old time T.V. Show...

1. Roy Rogers
2. The Andy Griffith show
3. The Lone Ranger
4.Daniel Boone


What does Frankie Call Gracia...

1. Grace
2. Gracie


What is his 2 favorite Animal's.....

1. A Monkey
2. A Hamster
3. A Bear
4. Ginger ( Our Dog)

Okay that's all,
Leave a comment with your answers!

Alyssa And Mariah


Amy B. said...

Okay, here we go...

#1. (1) to shoot a toy gun (2)and to be sergeant?
#2. Daniel Boone?
#3. Dracia
#4. a hamster and Ginger

Hope I didn't fail!

Alyssa said...

Amy....How could you!!!!!

I'll let you know which are wrong,
But I won't tell you the rites!

#1 tsk tsk( Although he was born with both of those knowledge's)L.O.L.
;) ;);) ;0
#2 Si!
#3 tsk tsk! ( Rather hard I know)
#4 only one is write Clue: A hamster is Gracia's Favorite animal) ;)

MortonClan said...

Okay I want to try...
#1-to shoot a toy gun-and-to love army stuff
#2-The Lone Ranger
#4-Ginger(thanks Amy B.;))and i'm just gonna guess a monkey,

Ya'll are so much fun!
Love and missings