Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!!!

Hello all you "happy peppy people" out there!
Hope you are enjoying your "thanksgiving eve"!
We are up rather late doing a bit of last minute sewing (And cooking).
I thought I would write a few things that I am thankful for,

Ah hem......
1.The Lord!
2.My family!!!!!!!!!
3.The Bible!!!
4. Books!!!!! ;)
5. The house we have and the one we're building.
6.Our Dog Ginger and horses.
7.The Beach!!!!!
8.Our friends.
9.Oranges!!! (gotta love 'em)

okay that's all,
Of course my list is probably ten times that size,
But I's just give's ya a few.

Now here is Mariahs List
Ah hem.....
(I'm not as good as she is with wordings, He,He ;)
  1. I thank Jesus Christ For dieing on the cross for your sins and Mine!
  2. I thank him for giving me godly parents the train us up in the way we should go!
  3. our house and the one we are building,
  4. I thank the Lord for Giving us Other Family's that we can fellowship with.
  5. and for all my brothers and sisters!
  6. for the Bible!

By the way Happy thanksgiving!
( It's 12:11)


Andy said...

What's a happy peppy person?

Amy B. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to "ya'll" too!

B.T.W: We were up @ the same time Thanksgiving eve!

Alyssa said...

"happy" means happy,;)
And "peppy" means lively!
It's a movie copy.

I knew you where up at that time,
Just knew it!

What does B.T.W mean?