Friday, November 14, 2008

Our trip to NJ ( Grandparents 50th anniversary)

Howdy all,
In October we took a trip to New Jersey For our grandparents 50th anniversary.

We had to rent a mini-van for our trip up .
It's just they are!!
And our Family has mini people (many) ;)

And the Van we own is far(very far) from a mini-van!
At first is was quite comfortable (Considering the 9 people luggage, coolers and a car- seat)
We said yep, I'm sure we could make the 24 hour trip in this.
That is until sleep pulled at us, uh-oh!
Well we managed!
But you should have seen us when we got inside and played
with all the cool gadgets like it was a new toy! ( 2008)

We came quite prepared...
Give us Vision forum tapes and bluegrass music and we'll be just fine!

And we had quite a few amusements
such as....
Counting Obama and McCain Bumper stickers And Signs,
Guessing if the people either had Obama or McCain Bumper stickers And Playing sudoku.

On the Anniversary Day,
We performed for our grandparents ( singing).
Daddy renewed there vow's.
And visited with relatives!

Plus we celebrated 2 Birthdays while we where there!
(Mommy And Frankie's)
Daddy took Mommy out to dinner at the Congress Hall hotel!

We spent many-a-day at Historic Cape-May!

Hope You Enjoy The Pictures!

The Campana Family

Daddy renewing there vows.

Washington D.C. (Sigh) :)
(I want to go there don't ask why I just do!)




The Table settings.

The Cake.
It's called a Nepolian.
Picture eating a big, fuggy, Eclair!

Cutting the cake now.....

........and then.

Alyssa And Ava.

Aren't they Cute!

Enjoying dessert( even after 7 courses!)

Grandma on her wedding day with her daddy,
Angelo Bennidetti.

"I'm stuffed"
Was I?

Grandpa Campana as a baby.
Does he look like anybody?

Daddy Like a baby also!

Miss Ava.
( daddy's cousin's Daughter)

Gracia, Aunt Cynthia & Ava.

At our temporarily home away from home.




The Beach.

A House in historic Cape -May.
We spent every day there!

The Candy Store!


Still deciding

Alyssa And Jay. ( Bunny ears)


trying to ketch DA birdie!

Where did he go?

Maybe he's over here....

.......yep there he is!


On Frankie s B-day ( the 22nd)
We went to the cape may light house!
I believe there was 199 steps!
There was a very nice lady up there who came from a family of 16!
Some of us went around the outside, while some of us ( Including myself)
Stopped frozen in the middle and turned back! :)

The Lighthouse.
( It's not that it?)

The Ocean( A view from the Lighthouse)

Something(I can't remember the name)
From WWII.

On the Out side.

The sunken concrete ship.
Can you see it?

The Helpful lady and us!

All us chillens.


b-day Boots!
Oh and puppy pants!


Opening again.

Later that night we went to the Lounge
( In the apartment building)
and ate, played pool, ping-pong and Air-hokey
And Had Dinner, Cake and Ice-cream!

Frantie's "Special" Cake!

Playing with his new "Toy"

There it is!

We enjoyed our trip immensly.

I shall leave you with a picture of the Delaware river... I think that's what it is.


MortonClan said...

Ohhh, hats!!! How delicious!!! I love the brown one that Gabby's pretty.

Sure do love y'all!


Alyssa said...

I know they love hats!
( I would say I but since I don't care for them I won't ;)